Friday, June 3, 2011

Difficult Days

I walk because I can.
I walk because she is gone.
Today was one of those tough days and I miss her. It was good to remember thoughts about her, she would of wanted me to remember her... but I know she wouldn't want me to hurt.
If you read this and you have lost someone you love to breast cancer, please support me in the 3-Day.
Everyone deserves a lifetime......

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Silpada Fundraiser

My friend Michele,is hosting a Silpada online/book party in order to raise money for the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Walk for a Cure. All of the free jewelry that is earned through your purchases will be used in a Chinese Auction at the 2nd Annual Rack 'N Roll Benefit on June 25th to raise additional donations. In addition, the Silpada Representative, Corinne Kaufmann will be donating all of the profits from the party in honor of her cousin Jenn who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

So girls, now's the time to treat yourself or someone else to some beautiful, handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry with the excuse that it is going to a great cause! Please feel free to share this invitation with a friend... or two!

If a friend would like to order online, they can visit, search for Michele Natwora's party and add their name to the order.

Hostess: Michele Natwora

This will be Michele's 3rd 3-Day walk. When Abby was diagnosed Michele asked me what can I do to help? The only thing I could think of is to ask her to walk with me.... Every step of the way she has supported me and worked to raise money for the CURE of breast cancer even while getting her Masters Degree and raising 2 amazing teenagers! (one who may attend college near me!)

National running day

Yesterday, after months of waking up gripping my back to walk I had my left SI joint injected. On the positive side, I feel better and now I can actually coach kids on what it feels like. Most importantly I survived.

I was thrilled to wake up and not feel that needle pain and begin my day straight up. I did a quick walk with some intermittent running! This may not impress many but to me I am empowered... Seriously, I ran in intervals~ BUT I RAN! I will not win a race but I have confidence on National running day that I did it!

In my heart I wish I was a runner... I am not quite there. But setting little goals to at least have fun with some ladies... (more to come with that) You have to be a dirty girl to understand!

I think a beautiful day, a brisk walk with some trotting in between inspired me to work on the benefit and make some progress. My study is beginning to look a lot like a benefit!

My thought for the day.... you know you are a walker when you dream of a world without breast cancer and believe in your heart it will happen one day.


Sunday, May 29, 2011

On my mind today.....

I started my day off today with a nice walk with friends. To be honest, after barely having a cup of coffee in and heading down the highway to meet my walking buddies I called my friend and told her it was realllllly foggy. My friend said "well then, take it slow!" Duh! Honestly, I was thinking the safety queen she is that she would say... oh honey.. go back to bed, take it easy... but nope! Take it slow.

Isn't that the lesson in life. Once I am on the road, I can keep going. I know that if I don't train, 60 miles will be harder than it should! Fortunately for me this walk included breakfast after 5 miles and almost a mile to walk it off!

I continued my day taking it slow, I went to Target and I let people go ahead of me. I waited in line at a nursery and bought flowers after a lovely lady helped me. (A shout out for Waukesha Floral & Planteriors)
I went to Home Depot in the rain and started to buy bagged dirt and thought.... I can get this tomorrow!
The other thought that kept with me ALL DAY was.... thinking of 8 people I loved today. 1 of those 8 people have already died of breast cancer in their lifetime... Since, I lost Abby to breast cancer do I have to start counting again?

I challenge you to think of 8 people. Write there names down of people you love. Could you loose any one of them? Probably not, I can't go through it again... But, I hope you will never have to go through that and donate to us Abby's Angels for the CURE.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rack N Roll Benefit

June 25th, we will host the 2nd Annual Rack N Roll Benefit supporting the participants in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure. Our benefit will take place at the Waukesha Elk's Club 2301 Springdale Rd., Waukesha. 5:00-10:00 pm. $20.00 tickets include: Free Beer & Food while it lasts, Music by Audio Trio DJ, Silent Auction, Cash Bar, Door Prizes, Wine Pull and our very own MC Shaun Knapp!

We want to thank our sponsors for making this event a success. 
Anna & Jason Dyzewski for Corn Hole games
Bartolotta Restaurants
Beloit Snappers
Betty Brinn
Broadlands Golf Club
Brookfield Hills Golf
Circus World
Comedy Sports
Craig Berns Salon, Delafield
Dollywood Foundation
Durski Chiropractic
Elsies Frozen Custard
Festa Italiana
First Stage Theatre
German Fest
Mark & Kailey Geary
La Terraza
Hills Pet Nutrition
Marty's Pizza
Mealnie Sikma Photography
Melting Pot
Mid Continent Rail
Milwaukee Admirals
Milwaukee Buckks
Milwaukee Public Museum
Milwaukee Rep
Milwaukee Wave
Milwaukee Zoo
Monkey Joe's
Morningstar Golf
Mount Olympus
Pabst Mansion
Paint Ball Daves
Prairievill Park
Schiltz Nature Center
Sharon & Mike Collins
Jill & Dan Key
Author, Jan Brett
St. Johns Golf
Storms Golf
Sunset Playhouse
Sybaris Hotel
Waukesha Parks
Maggie French
Pedal Tavern
Bank of Memories

We ask that you visit these sponsors and show your patronage as they have graciously supported the CURE of breast cancer! We currently are taking donations and if you have a gift to donate please contact an ANGEL!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

To remember and never forget.

I wouldn't say I am a writer. Actually I use a lot of .... to end my sentences which makes me a poor writer.

I have thought about blogging about my sister Abby and our Susan G Komen 3 Day team for a long time.

June 2006, I was sitting at MD Anderson with Abby & a friend feeling frustrated of not being able to do anything about our current situation. I was surrounded by volunteers of pins and pink ribbons. Many ideas of walking 60 miles in 3 days. The funny thing is when I thought about it I never once thought wow that is a far distance, or I can't do that! The only thought I had was I have to do something to fight this disease! I couldn't let her do it alone!

Not knowing what I was getting myself into I moved forward. I began the team Abby's Angels. I called my best friend who had asked me all year "how can I help?" I answered her.... walk with me! (be careful for what you ask people!) I was blessed to have friends of my sisters to join in the walk.

In 2007, Abby not yet cured of breast cancer... she walked. (For those who think they can't do it.. she had a collapsed lung and walked in temperatures in the 90's!)

Abby lost her fight to breast the following year. My world would forever never be the same.

Feeling as helpless as I did in the beginning I continue to walk and raise money for Susan G Komen. Why only her? They are the largest grass root organizations that raise money for the CURE of breast cancer. If you knew my sister she liked to work with the biggest and the best!

I have now done 5, 3Day walks and as a team we have raised almost $100,000 for Susan G Komen Foundation. Last year, I wondered why do I keep doing this? Would she want me to? To be honest, the Chicago 3 Day rocks~ but it is grueling. It is always in August and it's either hot or raining... I have met amazing people along the miles: sisters, mothers, survivors, husbands, friends. I have been able to remember Abby and share her life story with just the same. Why do I walk? Why do I walk? I kept asking myself that last year.......
To remember and never to forget Abby. That is one thing she asked of me and wanted from others.

Abby's Story

To understand this blog first watch the video made of Abby at our website.